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Half Dome™



$16.00 to $24.00



Twelve types of stone cabochons and mother of pearl adorn the plated-brass, magnetic earrings we outfit with thin, rare earth magnets and cover with clear, protective plastic disks. We designed these earrings specially for:

  • the person without pierced ears who likes the look of pierced earrings;


  • the person who let piercings grow back to prevent infections from recurring;
  • the person who has a ripped ear lobe and can't wear pinching clips;
  • the person who develops keloids; and/or


  • the "giftee" who may have pierced ears (you're not really sure).


From our Half Dome™ earring shop "click" hike to the small, medium and large collections where images of our magnetic earrings appear arranged by type of cabochon.

Half Dome™





Twelve types of natural stone cabochons and mother of pearl adorn these brooches that attach by using the force of opposite polarity, high-strength magnets, meaning...

  • no more pins to fasten
  • no more holes in linen and silk
  • added versatility--the gemstone side of the brooch can be worn as a pendant on a 'TTRACTION™ necklace, as shown here in carnelian


From our Half Dome™ brooch shop "click" hike to the stone shop where images of our custom-designed brooches appear arranged by type of cabochon.



pendant necklace/brooch sets

U.S. Pat. No. 5,806,346

National Park

Each set includes a hand-knotted, 8 mm stone bead necklace and two magnetic ornaments. Wear an ornament as a pendant on the patented necklace's magnetic clasp or -- by using the horseshoe "back" we put in each set -- as a small brooch. When placed on the underside of fabric, our signature horseshoe magnet easily attracts any 'TTRACTION™ small metal ornament or insert.

signature horseshoe "back"


examples of antique brass metal ornaments for Cowgirl sets



these separate-purchase, solid-metal "inserts" fit 'TTRACTION™ necklace clasps and 'TTRACTION™ open-center ornaments

* Yosemite National Park's famous granite dome inspired the naming of our cabochon jewelry.
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